Miriam Sintajova

Administration Manager


Miriam Sintajova holds a diploma in accountancy with a focus on tourism. She has been combining work and personal life while discovering Europe and the Middle East, before moving to Italy in the 2000s. Her technical administrative, accounting and coordination skills have been acquired since the early days of her career in niche Tour Operators, working in teams reporting directly to management. Working side by side with professionals in the financial sector for over 10 years, he has participated in research and development programmes in line with the reference market, with an eye on satisfying the expectations of the end customer. She works with Saglietti Bianco as an administrative manager, with the same interest and passion as always to contribute to the improvement of work processes and increase her own work experience.


Languages: Slovak, Italian, English, Russian, German

  • Accounting diploma with Marketing and International Tourism direction obtained abroad recognised in Italy with access to university at the Business Academy (Obchodná Akadémia) in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia (1997);
  • Marketing and Communication Technician course organised by Consorzio Confartigianato Formazione Piemonte E Valle D’Aosta (2005);
  • Qualification Technical Director of Travel Agency and Tour Operator by decree no. 2266/2018, Regione Liguria, Dipartimento Agricoltura, Turismo, Formazione e Lavoro, Servizio Professioni e Progetti Turistici, Genova (2018);
  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced courses in Administration, Finance and Management Control (2021)