Giovanni Sorella



Giovanni Sorella,

he developed a mixed and multi-purpose education, aspiring to become an eclectic professional capable of combining τέχνη and λόγος, which is why he combined studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin with law studies at the University of Turin.

Since the beginning of his juridical education, he has favoured civil and commercial law. In his university career he delved into international private law, B2B contract law, but his main interest is intellectual property law.

In addition to the ordinary university courses on industrial and intellectual property, he is trained in European and international law through the highly specialised EUIPO and WIPO courses and attends and successfully passes the prestigious CopyrightX course held by Harvard University. He seized the opportunity to combine his international vocation with his deep passion for intellectual property by taking part in a course held by the University Carlos III de Madrid in which he deepened the links between DIP and IP.

Studying abroad since a very young age at John Moore University of Liverpool, Dublin College and Askham Bryan College of York, he deepened his knowledge of the English language and developed a fascination for the Anglo-Saxon academic world that he still carries today.

Giovanni has both a technical and legal background.

He approaches the challenges of life and profession with a proactive attitude and seizes every opportunity for improvement. He aims in his continuous training to combine human and personal development with professional evolution and progression.



Lingue: italiano, inglese, francese.




  • Harvard CopyrightX (2023)
  • EUIPO Learning academy (2022 – 2024)
  • WIPO Learning academy (2022 – 2024)
  • John Moore University of Liverpool
  • Dublin College
  • Askham Bryan College of York