Luigi Saglietti

Founding Partner – Lawyer fully qualified in Italy, admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Court
Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney



Luigi Saglietti is a man of the “Langhe”. For those unfamiliar with this extraordinary Piedmont region it may not be easy to understand the value of these roots, however getting a sense of it is surprisingly simple. Cradle of great farmers and enlightened writers it has wine in its heart and knowledge flowing through its veins, just like him.

His love of the English language led him to study law at Oxford at a very young age and his passion for tennis led him to share a room with an American guy, Bill Clinton, who many years later would invite him to play at the White House.

His life is dotted with meaningful encounters, some of which with memorable characters such as Federico Fellini or Giovanni Agnelli. Whether famous or otherwise, each and every client has contributed to his professional and personal growth, making him love his job more and more with each passing day.




Languages: Italian, English, French.


  • B.A. in Law summa cum laude (University of Torino)
  • University of Oxford (1967 – 1968)
  • University of La Sorbonne (1968-1969)
  • LES Italy Past President
  • International Past Vice President
  • Member of LES and AIPPI